Water bottles in School

Today’s 365 photo is of some of the pupil’s water bottles at school. I really like the fact that the primary school I work in realises the importance of stating hydrated. It improves concentration and health among many other things. What I like less is how the school uses plastic bottles for the pupils. Each class gets a set of disposable bottles, keeping them for a term and refilling daily. Refilling them is admirable but surely a more environmentally friendly thing to do would be to use plastic cups?

Ideally a water bottle that lasted for years would be perfect but sadly that’s not cost effective for a school (Sigg do a great range for kids).


5 thoughts on “Water bottles in School

  1. Jordan Holmes

    The 500ml wide-mouth Nalgene bottle would be perfect,
    Hold a lot, you can sticker-decorate them, and easy to clean!
    But you are right – a great lesson for kids (and anyone else who needs to be reminded how important staying hydrated is!) :P

    1. manchesterwelsh Post author

      Cheers for reading my blog and for commenting – I do like my Nalgene bottle too. I have a few Sigg products as well but my Nalgene will always have a place in my kit.

  2. SIGG UK

    SIGG have a fantastic range of Kids bottles that are not only 100% recyclable but leak proof too making sure whatever else is in the school bag stays dry. SIGG bottles are also lightweight which is great for little ones and will also survive the rough and tumble of the playground! SIGG also offer a comprehensive range of spare parts and accessories. Check out the great range at http://www.sigg.com/uk-shop/en/
    SIGG…the ecological way to teach children to drink from bottles.


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