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Esbit Titanium Spoon

Being a bit of a gear fondler, I am always looking at other people’s equipment and checking out what’s available on the market. Whilst in the woods with some Army Cadets I noticed that one of the regular soldiers with us had a foldable titanium spoon and he was pretty obsessed with it. I have always used a Spork but sometimes the length of it meant that it would dig into me, a foldable spoon sounded awesome. The fact that it was titanium meant that it should be pretty light, which is always a bonus when looking at new kit.

I searched online and found the Esbit Titanium Spoon, I got mine from eBay but obviously other online retailers are available.


The spoon was light, smooth to the touch and the actual eating bit is polished to enhance your eating experience. Sounds a bit fancy but it does actually make a difference. The spoon weighs in at a minuscule 18g/6oz is 17cm long when in use and folds down to 9.3cm when packed away. Compare this to the fixed 17cm Light my Fire Spork – no wonder I kept stabbing myself with my spoon when it was in my pocket! The handle folds neatly into the back of the product, when open there is a sliding locking mechanism which is extremely effective and leaved no possibility that the spoon will fold when in use. I have found that you need to really make sure that the slider is fully pushed down to the base of the spoon to make sure it doesn’t fold when you’re trying to dig out your scoff. It sits nicely in my hand and I don’t notice it in my pocket, I take my spoon everywhere with me and have used it almost daily since buying it.


I eat porridge for breakfast and sometimes top it with banana – the edge of spoon is more than capable of chopping up the banana, no need to get a knife out! This spoon has been an invaluable addition to my kit and means that I am never short of an implement to eat with or make a brew with. I’ve not used my plastic spork since I got this spoon, it stays in my bag as an emergency eating device but that’s where it’s stayed.20130324-121535.jpg

I am a convert to the whole titanium ‘thing’ and am now looking for a titanium kettle and/or pot. As to whether I get the rest of Esbit’s cutlery (they also do knife, fork and a spork – all foldable) remains to be seen as for me, the only must have when outdoors is a spoon. I can do all my chopping and food prep with my Gerber knife and a fork isn’t really necessary. The Esbit Titanium spoon retails at around £10 and is, in my opinion, money well spent.