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SIGG Wide Mouth Sport bottle review: A Canadian Adventure.


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SIGG Alu Maxi

Hungry? SIGG Alu box Review

cialis from canada Given my ridiculous hobby and my unwillingness to buy food from the staff cafe,I spend rather a lot of time carrying my lunch around with me. Despite owning a myriad of outdoor gear I’d never purchased a specialist lunch box. Sure I’d seen them reviewed in magazines but somehow there was always something else I found to spend my cash on. Having now spent a few months using the SIGG Maxi Metallic Alu I can firmly say that I wish i’d owned one years ago!

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Tough enough? SIGG UK water bottle review

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 A perfect fit!





Whilst I found the bottle to be an excellent addition to my kit I was unable to use it in ‘the field’. Disappointingly it didn’t fit in my webbing and in all honesty when it comes to doing hardcore Army things with guns, I will stick to the issue water bottle. But as a bottle to take climbing, to the office, on the hills and to stuff in my daysack when doing less intense cadet things – it’s a definite win.

kamagra binnen 24 uur geleverd Would I recommend this to other people? Of course I would, I’ve not left mine at home since I got it!

I was sent this product for the purpose of the review. Opinions are my own and unbiased.