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Geocaching: Hunting for tiny things in odd places

After re-advertising my last geocaching blog post last night I thought I would update you on my baby steps into the world of Geocaching. It’s been a while since I’ve looked for caches but whilst out on a recce with work yesterday morning, my colleague suggested that I find a few. He’s a local lad and had previously found the caches on our route and I welcomed the timely reminder that I actually really like this activity! I found three caches yesterday: a small film camera type; a micro magnetic one and an entirely new type of cache, an earth cache.

It seems an earth cache is a natural feature and to log it as ‘found’ you need a take a photo of yourself there, upload it and answer a few questions about the cache. I found ‘Runcorn Erratic’ which is a piece of granite that was dumped in Runcorn as a result of glacial flow 10,000 years ago. An erratic is a piece of rock that deviates from the size and type of rock native to the area in which it rests; the name “erratic” is based on the errant location of these boulder. Everyday is a school day! So I duly obliged, added my find to the and was re-inspired to find more caches. Today I went out with the aim of picking up a trackable situated a 10 minute drive from my house that my colleague had visited recently. He told me that he’d left a trackable that he’d picked up in Australia and that no-one had moved it on yet. Mission accepted!! After a quick scout around in the area, I found the cache but there was no sign of the trackable – very disappointing indeed. A quick look at the log of the cache indicates that there should have been three trackable items in the cache but all were absent. I hope that some locals haven’t been picking them out and keeping them. This cache was a plastic storage container hidden inside a green waterproof bag and placed just inside a hedge line, it contained a log book, pencil, pen and some items to swap.

Having found this cache I decided to find a few more in the area, the second cache took me a while to find it – in fact, I almost gave up. I eventually found it concealed above head hight behind a bent fence post, phew! Geocaches really do range in sizes and some are really hard to find as demonstrated by the next one that I sought to find. I was looking for a micro, a small magnetic cache, but I really couldn’t find it and have to give up. I know my colleague was the last person to find it so I may have a chat with him to get some pointers. Last cache of the day was located above the M60 on a farm access road and was tucked nicely into the crash barrier.


I must have looked like a real wierdo today – wandering around, alone and looking suspiciously into hedges, fences and posts…. It’s definitely a way to see a different side to the local area!