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SIGG Alu Maxi

Hungry? SIGG Alu box Review

Given my ridiculous hobby and my unwillingness to buy food from the staff cafe,I spend rather a lot of time carrying my lunch around with me. Despite owning a myriad of outdoor gear I’d never purchased a specialist lunch box. Sure I’d seen them reviewed in magazines but somehow there was always something else I found to spend my cash on. Having now spent a few months using the SIGG Maxi Metallic Alu I can firmly say that I wish i’d owned one years ago!

The box itself was lightweight, cool to the touch and looked good – I wasn’t going to suffer the embarrassment of  carrying my lunch in something that looked like it belonged to a five year old! The box is well designed with a strong clip to keep the lid firmly attached to the box and a rubber lining on the part where the lid contacts the box.


Clip to close the lid

Rubber seal around the edge of the lid. This all has the effect of keeping the lid on nice and snug with no rattling (the last thing you want is your bag to be rattling with every step you take)

I am an adult volunteer in the Army Cadet Force and as such spend rather a lot of time away doing ‘this and that’. The MOD provides plenty of food to eat during the day but the packed lunches always arrive in a brown paper bag (hence the phrase ‘horror bag’ as slang for ‘packed lunch’). Before heading out into the hills for they day I transferred the contents of the Army issue lunch box to the SIGG Alu and was pleasantly surprised to see that all my food fitted inside. Another benefit was that the box was re-usable and didn’t fall to pieces as soon as it got the slightest bit damp…

SIGG Alu lunch box vs Army lunch box (bag)








I have taken the SIGG Alu with me whenever I have needed to carry my lunch and found that the lid doubles up as a plate when needed – pretty handy when you want to put your butty down if you need to go do something else! The SIGG Alu really does look the part – a colleague at work asked me about it and was very keen to go buy one himself. A big tick for the lunch box!

The lid doubles as a plate when needed







It’s all very well looking the part but how did it fare when used in anger? Well I dropped the box a fair few times and it survived with no visible damage. It seemed pretty water tight, keeping my lunch dry during a very rainy expedition. However, I did a submerge test at home on the SIGG Alu and I can confidently say that it is not a water tight box. For this reason I would not recommend it to take with you when paddling UNLESS it was inside a dry bag.

Overall I am extremely pleased with this product, the only draw back is that it isn’t water tight but that is a minor issue for what is other wise an excellent addition to my kit.

Would I recommend this to other people? Without a moment’s hesitation. Go buy one – it’s money well spent.

I was sent this product for the purpose of the review. Opinions are my own and unbiased.