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A new take on the foam roller

Being injured is everyone’s worst nightmare and sadly, I consider myself to be something of an expert on the matter. Many of my injuries stem from the fact that I over pronate, more so on the left foot than the right. This seemingly small problem has led to hours and hours of physio and years of rehab/resting/recovering, I was just glad I had private healthcare (I no longer have healthcare, I claimed on it several times and couldn’t afford the renewal price). To cut a long story short I suffer from ITB syndrome and  adverse neural tension. It took 18 months of stretching, gait analysis, expensive trainers and gradually building up the exercise to get myself to being able to run for over an hour at a time.

One of the things that I found crucial to my rehab and recovery was a foam roller. I bought it from an online physio store and it was quite possibly the best £20 I’ve ever spent. I would roll the outside of my left thigh on it starting at the outside of the knee and moving gradually up to the hip, maintaining the pressure at certain ‘sore’ spots. This is a painful process but I’ve learnt that many things in rehab are painful: the worst pain causes me not to scream and shout but to go white and feel sick. My roller was brilliant but it has lost it’s shape in time and the ones in the gym see much use and just don’t quite cut it. So when buying some new running shoes the other day I came across a new type of foam roller: my eyes lit up, I fondled it, I caressed it, I simply had to have it even at the princely sum of £44.99. May I introduce you to The Grid.

It’s basically a tough, hollow plastic tube covered in EVA foam – it’s light, about the length of my forearm and has different types of bumps in the foam. The marketing says that some of the bumps feel like the palms of hands, some like thumbs and others like fingers. I’m not too sure about that, to me every bit of it just hurt. And boy did it hurt, more than my old roller – much, much more. It is genuinely the most effective foam roller I have ever used and I shall be scheduling in more intimate session with The Grid after every run.

Regular use of The Grid should help to keep my ITB from causing me any problems during my training for a half marathon. I’d highly recommend it to anyone who suffers from ITB problems.