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How not to buy a house.

This is a guest blog for NewsScoop ‘A digital hub for tech & trendy news scoops’

Five years ago I bought my first home and I can safely say that I did everything wrong. To save others from making the same mistakes I have put together a guide of what not to do when buying a house.

  1. Decide that you will buy a house on a specific weekend. Yes, I did this – several viewings on the Saturday, two second viewings on the Sunday, offer on the Monday morning. Bad idea. The right house can and should take time to find.
  2. Pay exactly what the seller wants. Yup, no haggling, nothing.
  3. Don’t look at the fuse box/electrics. You may find the house needs re-wiring…
  4. Don’t try opening and closing all the doors in the house. It may be that they’ve been hung really badly and don’t actually close well.
  5. Presume that the garden is well maintained. Chances are that it’s been turfed to make it look all lovely, it will die quickly.
  6. Get a cheap survey. Seriously, just pay the money and get the top survey – it could save you money in the long run.
  7. Accept whatever the sellers says as the truth. They want to sell the house, of course the neighbour is lovely! Tourettes and a million cats?? Hells no. 
  8. Don’t question why the seller knocks £2000 off the price when you’re on your first viewing. Seriously?? I didn’t think this stank of desperation? 
  9. Ignore your gut feelings. If the layout of the house doesn’t quite do it for you, it’s not going to grow on you.
  10. Don’t look at the quality of the DIY in the house. Cheap and cheerful looks cheap and nasty after a few years.
So there you have it, my guide to how not to buy a house. Needless to say that if I ever buy another one, I will do everything differently.