My first Geocache

Yesterday I ventured into a strange new world known as Geocaching. I’m not entirely sure that I am ever going to see life the same way again for now I have a new game to play. This game is basically an elaborate, grown up treasure hunt where the aim is to find a container know as a geocache. All of these caches are logged on a website and you can use this website (or phone app) to search for caches to go hunt.

There are many different types of geocache and each one is unique to the person who placed it. I have been shown this world by one of my new colleagues, he was being gently mocked for his love of geocaching but I made a note to speak to him about it. As fate would have it, we spent most of yesterday offsite together in Crewe and I asked him to show me how it all worked, he duly obliged and before I knew it we were off to find my first geocache. The cache we were looking for was placed by a couple who’ve put a series of caches around Crewe to mark their romance. This particular one was put in Jubilee Park to mark the place where the couple got engaged. The app was brilliant: it helped us to navigate to the geocache; provided a description of the cache and offered a handy hint to locating it.

The geocache we were after was a small magnetic type know as a ‘nano’, the hint we were given was ‘Never Behind’. Once we got to the park we began looking for the nano, it was pretty easy to find as the gates were metal and had the words ‘Never Behind’ written on the crest. Opening the nano revealed a tiny piece of paper inside – each time you visit a cache you should date and sign your username. In this instance the log was too wet to write on so we carefully replaced the paper and put it back where we found it.

It seems that there are geocaches everywhere in the world and thousands of people are playing this international treasure hunt. I quite like it. 20130125-193017.jpg

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