Geocaching strikes again

As suspected, I have taken geocaching to my heart and it is now my new hobby – in fact, it’s now a reason to go out for a walk. Hunting for a geocache is now something to just drop in to everyday activities, a sneaky ulterior motive for just walking down that random path…

So Friday evening I rushed home from work, attached a lead to Luke and headed out to the woods that I’ve visited hundreds of times before: but this time I was seeing it with new eyes. This time I was on the hunt for ‘Maddie and Jamie’s Stash’. After 10 minutes of searching for it, I found it tucked away nice and safely – can you spot it under the tree trunk? Inside this cache was a logbook and some swappable items – I don’t carry things to swap but I might start because it seems like fun. I quite like this geocaching thing: such a simple idea, rewarding and very addictive. It’s not all rosy:  I searched for a cache for ages on Sunday but couldn’t find it – such a disappointment.

I also stumbled across something even more exciting (hard, I know) – a Travel Bug. This little dog tag was in a cache I found in Cheshire, it was attached to a woggle and a plastic tag labelled ‘Swindon Sea Scouts’. The idea of this bug is that it has a unique trackable number that has it’s own webpage, as each person finds it in a cache they log it and move it on to another location. Each movement is mapped on its page and you can go see where it has been – it’s actually really cool. I shall be moving this Travel Bug on soon, I am aiming to get it out of the country…. I will let you know if I succeed. 20130125-195329.jpg

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