Chorlton Green Brasserie

I’ve always liked Chorlton right from the independent eateries to the cute little boutiques. I love how bohemian it is and how ‘anything goes’, I’ve been spending more time there recently and have started to follow a few of the bars and restaurants on twitter. It was from twitter that I learned of the Chorlton Green Brasserie: It opened in October 2012 and has quickly become a firm favourite in the area.20130115-170106.jpg I was tempted in by the offer of free coffee, or as they like to call it on twitter, #FreeCoffeeTuesday. The Brasserie is just off Chorlton Green and it open from 0800 – 2300 everyday including Sunday. The staff were warm and welcoming, the wine list extensive and the menu reassuringly brief.The décor in the Brasserie is deliciously quirky, every chair cover is different and each table is adorned with a pot of growing herbs There is an old style kitchen dresser on the back wall that has tins of Spam, pilchards and Baxters soup laid out, just to add to that home kitchen style.

Home kitchen-style decor

I ordered a mocha whilst my partner went for a hot chocolate, they were both delicious and at £2.75 and £2.50 respectively, were good value for money. Not that it mattered on this trip as the were both FREE!! We were enjoying the atmosphere so much that we ordered some soft drinks and some ‘Twice cooked hand cut chips’. It was a real treat to learn that fizzy vimto was on the drinks menu, something that I am sure would delight families (the Brasserie also does a baby cino – frothy milk topped with some chocolate dust – for 30p). I was intrigued by the ‘Victorian Lemonade’ so gave it a whirl and was pleasantly surprised, definitely not what I was expecting but would recommend it. 20130115-163713.jpg

The chips were really something else, crispy on the outside and nice and fluffy on the inside – not to mention that the presentation was excellent. They came in a little bowl, on some paper covered in text about fish and chips. Very cute.  20130115-164322.jpg

I will definitely be going back to the Brasserie and next time I will sample the menu properly, but for now I can’t recommend it highly enough as somewhere to go and while away a few hours chatting to a friend over a decent coffee (there is also a huge array of teas if that’s more your thing). If you want to keep up to date with news and offers, then follow them on twitter @ChorltonGB. Before you ask, no I don’t work for them nor was I paid or coerced into writing this post. I am looking forward to my Pork Two Ways with a few glasses of wine, if anyone cares to join me they have a table for 6…


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